Accepted Papers and Proceedings

Accepted and presented papers will be made available in the proceedings and submitted to IEEE XPlore. Exception is made to the cases where the authors choose not to publish (off-the-record submission).

Expanded versions may then be submitted for consideration for inclusion in a Special Collection in the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering.

You can see the full list of accepted papers below and download the UComms'16 book of abstracts here.

"Acoustic Communication and Navigation in the New Arctic - A Model Case for Environmental Adaptation", H. Schmidt, T. Schneider
"The SWIGacoustic Standard", A. Smerdon, F. Bustamante, M. Baker
"Human-Robot Interaction Underwater: Communication and Safety Requirements", N. Miskovic, M. Egi, Đ. Nađ, A. Pascoal, L. Sebastiao, M. Bibuli
"Underwater Communication Requirements in Coordinated Autonomous Manipulation: the MARIS Project", D. Fenucci, A. Caiti, E. Simetti, G. Casalino
"Effects of Metal Structures on Magneto-Inductive Coupled Coils", N. Ahmed, Y. Zheng, D. Pommerenke
"Sub-Ice Glider Navigation & Communication" (“Off-the-record” paper), A. Morozov, D. Green, C. Jones
"Decision Tree-Based Adaptive Modulation for Underwater Acoustic Communications", K. Pelekanakis, L. Cazzanti, G. Zappa, J. Alves
"Energy-efficient OFDM Bandwidth Selection for Underwater Acoustic Carrier Aggregation Systems", X. Zhao, D. Pompili, J. Alves
"Iterative Sparse Channel Estimation for Acoustic OFDM Systems", S. Tadayon, M. Stojanovic
"Uncoded Acoustic Communication in Shallow Waters with Bursty Impulsive Noise", A. Mahmood, M. Chitre
"Blind Equalization of Underwater Acoustic Channels using Implicit Higher-Order Statistics", K. Blom, H. Dol, A. Kokkeler, G. Smit
"Model-Based Signal Detection in Snapping Shrimp Noise", A. Mahmood, H. Vishnu, M. Chitre
"Adaptive Power Allocation for Noncooperative OFDM Systems in UWA Interference Channels: Experimental Results", A. Pottier, F. Socheleau, C. Laot
"Autonomous Power Control For Acoustic Modems" (“Off-the-record” paper), D. Green
"Collaborative Localization of Vehicle Formations Based on Ranges and Bearings", B. Ferreira, J. Gomes, C. Soares, J. Costeira
"On the Accuracy of Passive Multipath-Aided Underwater Range Estimation", E. Dubrovinskaya, I. Nissen, P. Casari
"A Distributed ID Assignment and Topology Discovery Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks", R. Petroccia
"Unslotted Transmission Schedules for Practical Underwater Acoustic Multihop Grid Networks with Large Propagation Delays", P. Anjangi, M. Chitre
"Experimental Demonstration of Super-TDMA: A MAC Protocol Exploiting Large Propagation Delays in Underwater Acoustic Networks", P. Anjangi, M. Chitre
"Efficient Link Discovery for Underwater Networks", R. Diamant, R. Francescon, M. Zorzi
"Near real-time improved UUV positioning through channel estimation", R. Vio, R. Cristi, K. Smith
"An analysis of 1 and 2-D arrays for adaptive multichannel equalizers in underwater acoustic communications" (“Off-the-record” paper), J. Preisig, G. Deane
"Very High Frequency Noise Sources in the Littoral Zone", G. Deane, J. Preisig
"Tethered Balloons and TV White Spaces: A Solution for Real-time Marine Data Transfer at Remote Ocean Areas", F. Teixeira, T. Oliveira, M. Lopes, J. Ruela, R. Campos, M. Ricardo
"Wide-band shallow acoustic channel simulation with realistic Doppler and delay spreading for 3D evolving rough surfaces", M. Caley, A. Duncan
"Analysis of JANUS and underwater telephone capabilities and co-existence", J. Alves, J. Fricke
"Experiences with JANUS and efforts towards a common heavy-duty underwater communication stack", H. Dol, K. Blom, E. Van Der Spek
"Fostering the Use of JANUS in Operationally-Relevant Underwater Applications", R. Petroccia, J. Alves, G. Zappa
"Watermark: A realistic benchmark for underwater acoustic modems", P. vanWalree, R. Otnes, T. Jenserud
"Development and Validation of Blue Ray, an Optical Modem for the Medusa class AUVs",P. Gois, N. Sreekantaswamy, N. Basavaraju, M. Rufino, L. Sebastiao, J. Botelho, J. Gomes, A. Pascoal
"Temporal dispersion in underwater laser communication links: Closing the loop between model and experiment", B. Cochenour, A. Laux, L. Mullen
"Experimental testbed for seawater channel characterization", P. Mena, P. Dorta, G. Quintana, I. Perez-Alvarez, E. Yguacel, S. Zazo, M. Perez, L. Cardona, J. Hernandez
"Investigation on Radio Wave Propagation in Shallow Seawater: Simulations and Measurements", E. Yguacel, G. Quintana, P. Mena, P. Dorta, I. Perez-Alvarez, S. Zazo, M. Perez, E. Quevedo
"OptoCOMM: introducing a new optical underwater wireless communication modem", A. Caiti, E. Ciaramella, G. Conte, G. Cossu, D. Costa, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, D. Scaradozzi, A. Sturniolo
"Dipole Antenna for Underwater Radio Communications", S. Inácio, M. Pereira, H. Santos, L. Pessoa, F. Teixeira, M. Lopes, O. Aboderin, H. Salgado
"Non-visible light underwater optical communications", N. Farr, C. Pontbriand, J. Ware, L. Pelletier
"SEANet G3: High-Data-Rate Software-Defined Underwater Acoustic Network Platform" (“Off-the-record” paper), E. Demirors, T. Melodia
"The DESERT Underwater Framework v2: Improved Capabilities and Extension Tools", F. Campagnaro, R. Francescon, F. Favaro, F. Guerra, P. Casari, R. Diamant, M. Zorzi
"Secure Underwater Acoustic Networks: Current and Future Research Directions", C. Lal, R. Petroccia, M. Conti, J. Alves
"Analytical Metric Weight Generation for Multi-Domain Trust in Autonomous Underwater MANETs", A. Bolster, A. Marshall




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