UComms locations

Below you can find a map of the key locations for UComms. As you can see, Lerici is small enough so that you can walk everywhere. Quite a pleasant walk even, given the stunning views of the Golfo Dei Poeti.

If you are staying in Lerici you can walk to/from all UComms locations (except the social dinner, that will happen in Sarzana) including up to Villa Marigola with the pedestrian path signaled inside the property with "PERCORSO PEDONALE".

In case you wish to skip the walks, we have a bus available to bring you to/from the venue. The Tuesday bus will depart at 08:00 from Piazza Garibaldi and 08:10 from the sea-level gate. Wednesday and Thursday the bus will depart at 08:30 from Piazza Garibaldi and 08:40 from the sea-level gate.

If you wish to drive we also made it easy for you. You may know that towns like Lerici and San Terenzo are covered by ZTL (limited traffic zones for residents only). The Villa Marigola has a special agreement with the local authorities and your car plate can be registered at the conference desk. This way you can enter the ZTL areas during the days of the conference without fearing a fine (even if you see a red ZTL light coming in Lerici or San Terenzo).


The 2016 edition of UComms will take place in the spectacular Villa Marigola - a tucked away treasure among the emerald woods, on a panoramic promontory between San Terenzo and Lerici.

The origin of the villa dates to the eighteenth century when it was used as the holiday home of the Marquis Ollandini. At the time the house had a large terrace and charming grounds filled with citrus trees as well as olive groves and vineyards streching all around. Today's building and garden grounds are dating back to 1926, when the garden was renovated following the techniques and charm of the Italian-style gardens and is the only one of its kind in the province.

The charming town of Lerici is a wonderful seaside resort on the Italian Riviera.  The weather in early September is normally excellent; sunny and not too hot (average midday temperature ~25 deg. C/77 deg. F).

The tourist website at http://www.liguriaguide.com/lerici.html has many links that provide a wealth of information regarding how to get there by plane, car, bus or train and what to do and see in the area. Lerici is situated It sits on the eastern end of the Gulf of Poets (Golfo dei Poeti) - 8 kilometres (5 mi) southeast of La Spezia. It is known as the place where the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned. The town is connected by ferry to the Cinque Terre and adjacent Portovenere.

The closest major airports to La Spezia are the G.Galilei (PSA) in Pisa (40 min/55 km), the C.Colombo (GOA) in Genova (1 hr/105 km), and the Malpensa (MXP) in Milano (3 hr/250 km).

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We are delighted to be able to invite you to sample the delights of this Italian Riviera gem.




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